In the vicinity of Ol-jons Stugby there is Sweden's fifth largest lake.
Storsjön is a lake in central Jämtland with a maximum depth of 81 meters. It is part of the Indalsälven water system.

The lime-rich soil also gives the lake a natural defense against acidification. The lake branches into several elongated and wide bays such as Myrviken, Bergsviken, Brunfloviken.

The Storsjö countryside and Storsjön are sometimes described as an oasis in the wilderness, surrounded by high mountains in the west and large forest areas to the east. The mythical Storsjö animal is believed to be in the lake.

Storsjön is a species and fish-rich lake. There are almost 20 different fish species in the lake where the most common are trout (called Storsjööring, Jämtland's landscape fish), char, pike, perch, grayling, whitefish (five different species), roach and lake.

The fishing is free in the whole of Storsjön with rod used from land or ice. By hand tools is meant fishing and throw rod, jig or similar gear that is equipped with fishing line and a maximum of ten hooks.

In addition, the "fishing method as such must not require the use of a boat". This applies regardless of whether you are a Swedish or foreign citizen.

For those who are looking for more challenges than Storsjön, there is more mountain-like fishing that is only one hour west. An alternative is Dammån ( with Kvitsle streams that offer both big trouts and fine grayling (fishing with maggot is not allowed in Dammån).

More facts about fishing in Jämtland can be found on the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen Jämtland) page. Talk to local fishing shops for more daily tips on fishing and information on fishing regulations.  

TIP: Use easy reel equipment and small spoons, spinners or jigs. Also test the thrower with maggot.

Fishing is possible early in the morning or evening - especially if it is high pressure and hot in the water.

Feel free to pick up fish to eat. Otherwise, you take a quick picture of the catch and let it swim back - so both the fish and the memory of it can live on. and


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