Around the village Hallen, Storsjön and Östersund there are many nice and fun excursion.

Visit local food producers; locally produced cheese and food. Visit museums such as the Mus-Olle, Arve Museum.
Here are some suggestions, most of them open in summer time:

Restaurant MIRA - Down in the village you find this nice restaurant at the automatic Petrol station. Eat in the restaurant or take the food home to the house. Pizza, local food, all good tasting to reasonable prices.

Arve Museum Arvesund about 15 km north from Ol-jons. Lots of old stuff, like cars, phone history. Also a restaurant and café.

 Mus-Olle Personal Museum of approximately 150,000 gadgets, located at Ytterån.

 Forsaån A full day excursion to Pilgrimstad / Våge. If you want to experience a special nature, this is a "must place". A place to love and return to. The crystal clear water of Lake Lockne fall out over rapids and rocks. Along the river formed a number of beautiful and famous long lagoons. It's a bit to go by car, 80 kilometers one way, and a number of meters to go but it is well worth it.

 Ås Garden Locally produced products in a farm in the ridge just north of Östersund. Here you can buy demands grown potatoes, carrots etc.

 Kretsloppshuset A restaurant and a café with good tasting food located in Mörsil and provides plenty of organic food and gardening.

 Verkön In the middle of the Jämtland archipelago is Verkön located and the over 100 years old Verkö castle which also includes a restaurant. On the website you will find out how to get there. The ferry from Håkansta/Gärdsta to Norderön, first road to the left, when at the sea again call for boat taxi.

 Åre Paintball Book an exciting activity open year round.  

 Tännforsen Sweden and Jämtland's largest waterfall, 38 meters high, is located 22 km from Åre. North on E14 and Road 322 to Tännforsen. Open year round.

 Wikners Located at Persåsen - manufactures furniture and handicrafts in wood from the forests of Jämtland. Timeless products created by machine and hand power in nature's own beautiful materials. There is also a restaurant.

Nordic Kiwi - Ceramic och Glass manufacturing at Västeråsen, Oviken

 Fish ladder in Dammån Drive towards Bydalen, take right to Dammån. Five minutes drive upstream from the campsite is Dammån fish ladder. Twice a day the fish ladder is emptied manually.

 Tivars Gårdsmejeri Take a trip to Norderön and visit the covered porch at the Great Sea beach. Dairy and restaurant. The ferry from Håkansta/Gärdsta to Norderön.

 Ferries You can use the free ferries if you travel to Östersund. It shorten the amount of kilometers to half, 35 instead of 75. From Ol-jons take road 321 to the right (south), pass the Petrol station, drive 18 km to Gärdsta/Håkansta and take the first ferry to Norderön. Drive over the island, follow the main road, and take the second ferry to Isön, which will bring you to the road to Östersund. In winter, if cold enough, there are a road on the ice created.


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